A context-based health information needs assessment strategy. Much of health care today occurs in the home and new kinds of computer tools can help if these tools and devices are designed well to fit in to the household. The vizHOME team employs intensive home based interviews and specialized imaging techniques to learn more about health practices in the home and how to best design computer tools to support them. Click here to read more.


Living Environments Laboratory

vizHOME staff members are a part of a larger team called the Living Environments Lab, located at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The Living Environments Lab enables scholars to explore the connections among environment, technology, human action, experience, and visualization. As a multidisciplinary team working in the only 6-sided CAVE in Wisconsin, you’ll be impressed by the variety of our projects. Click here to learn more about us.


You can also read our initial press release by clicking here.